Magento 2 Performance Optimisation

Magento 2 being slow is a LIE. It may not be the fastest eCommerce framework, but it can definitely be fast. And anyone telling you otherwise is either lacking the experience in developing performant Magento stores, or a sales person likely suggesting Shopify.

Slow Magento page loads are nine out of ten times, going to be either a poorly made Magento Module. Or Varnish has been disabled, likely to get a terrible Magento module to work properly.

The reality of it is, on top of customer frustration at slow page loads. Unoptimised Magento stores cause a reduce amount of traffic throughput, an increases server hosting costs.

As a Magento Developer I specialise in conducting performance testing, both in a local environment where we can isolate lack of performance due to poorly written modules and theme. As well as on production utilising APM tools, where we can also identify misconfiguration of services in the production environment.

With a proven track record of reducing page render times down from an awful 2-10s to 400-800ms.

We can provide an Audit on the exact cause of your Magento site running slow with guidance on how to fix it, Contact Us Today

Slow Magento Modules

Most of the time, the reason for a slow Magento site is going to be poorly made modules. And just because they are from one of the main providers, does not mean they wont have dire performance issues!

Modules can introduce a handful of performance related issues into your store, from excessive database calls, loading fresh version of products or entities that already exist, to prevent pages from being cached.

Broken Varnish Cache

Another common issue I see is Broken Varnish Cache or Varnish not working properly. This is a major issue, and I see a lot of merchants and Agencies just trying to throw money at this problem instead of fixing it!

There is a bunch of reasons why the cache might not be working, but there is one thing for sure. Running a Magento store with a broken Varnish cache effectively is a bad idea! With how heavy Magento is, uncached page loads tend to be very slow from a user perspective increasing customer dissatisfaction and also reducing traffic throughput whilst increasing hosting cost.

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