Magento 2 Hosting

There are lots of choices when it comes to hosting Magento. VPS, Dedicated Server, AWS, Kubernetes. What is the right way? Well there is no right way, no one size fits all solution.

Now for a small retailer or B2B trade store with a steady lower amount of traffic, suggesting a autoscaling AWS solution would likely be a waste of money. A simple lower cost VPS optimised correctly, like 4Cores, 8GB Ram would likely suffice.

But if your a larger business, or see more bursty style traffic (marketing campaigns, sales events etc) even a large dedicated server, 64Cores, 1TB Ram would likely be a bad choice. Instead autoscaling smaller sized nodes would be considered a must here in my opinion.

What about high availability and fault tolerance? You see where I’m going, with off the shelf solutions. You are likely either burning money or not getting the ideal solution you desire.

You need to sit down and produce long term plan on your expectations, traffic throughput, uptime requirements, fault tolerance, compliance / regulatory concerns, costs etc.

Dedicated Magento Server Hosting

Dedicated Magento server hosting, usually provides the best bang for the buck in comparison with some of the other hosting options. Whilst you don't get the fancy ability to scale vertically, you can still scale horizontally with a bit of manually intervention.

A lot of big name companies are moving back to Dedicated server hosting, and are able to reducing their hosting cost by over 75% of old solutions of AWS or GCP.

Dedicated Magento VPS Hosting

Dedicated Magento VPS hosting, is great for smaller stores. Usually you can find hosting for a fairly low cost. And as your store grows, and you start to receive more traffic, to can increase your server capacity by a few clicks in the admin with minimal downtime.

Whilst this can be a great way for new stores getting started with Magento. Medium and Large stores can find this approach to get quite costly, as usually you pay a premium to have the ability to vertically scale your nodes.

Autoscaling Magento Cloud Hosting

Autoscaling Magento Cloud hosting is usually aimed at larger merchants, or those who's traffic is quite bursty by nature. Say a Event ticket selling site for example. With the autoscaling, this allows a core number of smaller nodes to stay online serving your regular traffic, then once you get an influx of visitors, the cloud will automatically add more capacity to handle the extra requests.

Its a great way to balance serving a large amount of customers over a few days with a large quite periods for the rest of the month.

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